Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

The users of this site can find information related to our products and services, read financial information and learn more about Balboa Bank & Trust, without having to submit any type of personal information.

Nonetheless, this site also has various functions related to added value, that if used could require that the user provides personal information as for example, his name, address, email address, telephone or fax number.

If the client decides to provide this information, he/she shall be confident that Balboa Bank & Trust will not disclose it, unless the client authorizes it or that it is required by a competent authority of the Republic of Panama.

Balboa Bank & Trust is committed to protect its clients’ privacy, for which it has adopted the present privacy policy that allows the user of this site, to know the policies that we follow related to our clients’ personal information.

The personal information submitted will be only used for the bank’s internal purposes.  Balboa Bank & Trust will not reveal the submitted information, unless it is being requested by a competent authority, that the client authorizes it or that a confidentiality agreement prevails between Balboa Bank & Trust and the third party to whom the information will be given, that obliges it to maintain the same confidentiality measures that this bank maintains with its clients.

Balboa Bank & Trust could send from time to time to its clients, information about the products and services offered, and by no means this shall be considered as “SPAM” which is a practice that consists in recollecting email addresses to sell, rent or deliver these to third parties; since as mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs, Balboa Bank & Trust follows strict policies in handling its clients personal information.  Notwithstanding, the client can choose not to receive messages from the bank in the future, communicating his request to the bank.

Balboa Bank & Trust, reserves the right to modify the present privacy policy, when it is deemed convenient.  When accessing the web page, the client or user accepts, without limits, its contents.

All the rights, included those of Intellectual Property of this web page, belong to Balboa Bank & Trust. The Balboa Bank & Trust logotype as well as the trademarks of its services and commercial names which appear in this page, are registered brands property of Balboa Bank & Trust.