Online Banking

Online Banking

Our Online Banking allows you to be updated and consult your financial information from the comfort and security of your home or office, 24 hours a day, through

  • Balance and movements consults of all your accounts.
  • Transfers between your deposit accounts in Dollars.
  • Payments to Credit Cards of the bank.
  • Payments and transfers to local banks.
  • International transfers

Balboa Bank & Trust now offers a second validation system set to authenticate its transactions within our Internet Banking called Balboa Online Card, which will provide greater security to your transactions from Internet Banking.

On the back of the card you will find a grid with numbers.  Columns are identified by letters located at the top of the card, representing the horizontal values.  The rows are identified by numbers on the side, representing the vertical values.  When you are asked to insert a card position, for example D5 you should input the number located on the intersection of column D with row 5, in this case the number to be placed is 15.


We invite you to visit any of our branches to get our new Balboa Online Card.