Safety Advices

Safety Advices

Presently, in Panama there are cases of persons assaulted before or after they get out of a bank.
“The mark” is a criminal mode used by the offender to rob, steal or attack, in some cases violently, persons who deposit or withdraw money from a financial entity.

Behaviour from the suspicious person What the client should do
The offender-in the bank-observes and listens to what the clients do. Make no comments out loud on the transaction to be done.
Pretend to be false bank employees identification and in the public area request you for information. Check if this person has the bank and if any doubt, go to the security officers.
Detects his possible victim, gets out of the bank and alerts his accomplices via signals or cell phone. Do not take out the documents or dollar bills denoting that you will make important transactions.
The offenders follow the victim on the street, walking, using a motorcycle or car, until they find the right time for the robbery. Avoid conversations with strangers and above all, do not accept proposals or favor requests.

Personal and Family Safety

Tips or some recommendations for not becoming victim of criminals

  • Be always alert and observe all what happens in your surroundings.
  • Analyze the behavior of those persons who seem suspicious (way of walking, the pockets, the eyes).
  • Keep aside some money to give to the criminal offender in case you are being mugged.
  • During an assault, remain calm and let the offender feel that he is in control of the situation.
  • Never resist, give all the objects that you are being asked for, do not reflect anger, or feelings of revenge.
  • Prefer public parking and observe your whereabouts before parking.
  • Never stay alone for too long when parking, that makes you an excellent victim.
  • Do not leave costly products visible at first sight in your car.
  • If you are alone in a parking lot and become aware of any malfunctioning in your car which impedes it from moving, call a friend or acquaintance for help.
  • Before leaving or coming back home is important to observe any detail conducive to believe that someone is following you.
  • Avoid shopping when stopping at the traffic lights and get used to maintain your car windows up.

We can have a lot of recommendations or advices for not becoming victims of criminals, the important premise is putting them into practice.  Remember that the principal objective in an assault or robbery situations is to survive.