About Balboa Bank & Trust

About Balboa Bank & Trust

Our Mission

Exceed the expectations of our clients in the markets we serve.

Strengthen the relations with our clients with a professional team who executes orders with efficiency, integrity and creativity.

Offer, through exceptional banking technology, an ample scope of products and services for our clients.

Create value to our clients, associates, shareholders and the society in general, optimizing with sustainability all our activities.

Our Vision

To be a leading Bank in corporate financial services and wealth management, known for its efficiency, integrity and creativity.


Honesty Transparency Flexibility
Privacy Excellence in service Commitment
Ethics Professionalism Team work


Transparency and Corporate Governance

In response to the demands of a globalized economy, Balboa Bank & Trust conducts its activities according to the most demanding international norms through an efficient and effective corporate governance.

The shareholders, directors and collaborators of Balboa Bank & Trust are committed with fulfilling the most advanced techniques of risk control and healthy practices proposed by the Basilea Committee. With this we respond to the general demand of the clients of the financial institutions in the world.

Conscious of the importance of maintaining transparence in its financial information, Balboa Bank & Trust has contracted the External Audit services of the firm KPMG.

Structure of our Corporate Governance

The control of the bank’s management is supported in the supervision performed by each of the different committees which form part of the Corporate Governance, which focus their efforts in mitigating the main risks inherent to the financial institutions:

  • Auditing Committee
  • Compliance Committee
  • Corporate Governance Committee
  • Risk Committee
  • Credit Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • ALCO (Asset and Liability Committee)
  • Marketing and New Product Committee